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Our Mares

SB Miz Lizzie

2005 Arabian Mare

HAAP Ibn Farrago x Merry Mackenzie


This mare was acquired through a mutual friend from a bad situation in the bay area. She was extremely under weight and had a lot of trust issues. With her awesome double Huckleberry Bey pedigree, she is now a member of our broodmare string. Although she is small due to her lack of feed she throws enormous babies. Her foal by Diamond Sureyn L was over 14.2 by his yearling year! Last bred to CLK Marshal Cooper for a 2022 foal.

DM Sureynity Fleur

2014 Arabian Mare

Diamond Sureyn L x SH Sura Lilly

"Grayby Baby"

I have watched this filly since she was a weanling and was finally granted the right to be her partner this year. She is a very correct filly with substance and style. She has foaled and INCREDIBLE filly by CLK I AM LEGEND in 2021 and has since been rebred to Look Metalman for a half-Arab 2023 foal. Get in on this opportunity quick!


2003 Arabian Mare

S-Shah Bask x RV Flicka


As a two year old, Shadiva was rescued by a friend of ours. Little did she know at the time what she had acquired. A granddaughter of the great Aladdinn, Shadiva has won buckles in sorting, cowboy challenges, ranch versatility, and other disciplines. She has taught dozens to ride, or ride better, and even has her own fan club. I have always admired this mare and our friend has now entrusted us with this mare to continue to teaching and soon carry on her bloodlines and talent. Shadiva will do some light showing in Ranch Riding, Trail, and Hunters but is largely retired from heavy work. Bred to CLK Marshal Cooper for a 2023 foal.

Leas Calboy Magic

2002 AQHA Mare

Smart Little Calboy x Leas Peppy


Magic is a very pretty mare with an incredible pedigree! She is also the kindest, gentlest mare you could ask for. Her dam has won nearly $24,000 in NCHA competition. Her sire won the 1988 NRCHA Futurity and 3 of her 4 grandparents won the NCHA futurity! So far, she has put an amazing half- Arab filly on the ground by our own CLK Marshal Cooper. Bred to Look Metalman for a 2023 foal.

Retired Mares

CLK Kharazonna

1995 Gray Arabian Mare

Luzonaborr+  x  KJ Cita


Huge quartered mare with a lot of stop. This mare has seen it all. She has been used as a working ranch horse at brandings and has actually been used to settle young horses at these events. A truly "give me what you got" mare she has attitude for days but would lay her life down for you if it came right down to it. Huge trot and a 20 mile long sliding stop.


Barristers Firey Rose

1996 Chestnut Arabian Mare

Barrister Rex  x  HB Shefame


This is my personal mare. I sort, pen, have schooled over 4 foot fences, done some low level dressage...I have even ROPED off this mare. This is truly what an Arabian horse was bred to be. She has style, attitude, grace and intelligence. Bred by Manny Vierra out of his Fame VF+ daughter Shefame and by a Litigator+++ son, she has produced purebred and outcrosses that will excel in their fields.


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