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CLK Red Dead Rainman

Maestoso Precocia (Lipizzan) x CLK Kharazonna (Arab)

A very special win! This gelding is a product of, and great example of our breeding program and its intended goal. Both of his parents lived here at the ranch. You can find his dam CLK Kharazonna at the bottom of the "Mares" page. Unfortunately, his sire has since passed away. You can find his tribute under "Stallions and Mares", then navigate to "In Memoriam".

What Others Are Saying​

"Todd is amazing, I'll always go back to Todd I like the way he trained my Kitty in reining cow horse and I'll be sending more his way. I've went thru a lot of big name trainers before I found Todd. You can count on Todd to get training done right."

Renee B. - Turlock, CA

Lise has the task of giving me English riding lessons. I overthink everything I do which requires lots of patience and explanations on her part in order for me to understand and get my body to do what it needs to do. I am a trainers challenge, but Lise makes it look so easy. She is very patient, encouraging and builds my confidence which are all extremely important in a good riding instructor. I truly enjoy working with Lise!

-Vida P.

"I sent too many horses to count to Todd and they all come back so soft, level headed, and ​a great stop. The start is everything and you do a fantastic job. I’m forever a client and thank you for all the great work and setting us up for success. You make my job 100 times easier!!"

Cheyenne H. - Kerman, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Todd and his training... I had my stallion at another trainer who claimed my stallion was a crazy wild uncontrollable idiot... and brought him to Todd.... Within 2 days Todd was asking me what was wrong with the trainer, because he found my stallion was one of the nicest he had ever worked with... within a week he was riding him and told me it was unbelievable because everything he did with Ahbu, it seemed as if he already knew it.... Todd has had Ahbu for over 6 mos now and they have quite the connection... He is well taken care of, gets fed well, is ridden regularly and when the shows open back up Todd thinks that Ahbu will clean up the blues between him and his wife Lise riding him.

I am honored to call Todd & Lise friends and even more honored with their care of my horse...

Marijanne N. - Lockeford, CA

Our friends at Circle Lazy K have an uncanny ability to recognize and nurture talent. From their horses to their students, their commitment to excellence transcends both animal and rider which results in a winning formula. It has been a privilege to work with subject matter experts like Lise and Todd. Their expertise and professionalism had elevated the sport. Most importantly, it has brought the fun of riding and competing back to our family.

Matt S. - Texas

My mare, Niqi, had a very bad experience with a trainer that led to an accident that could have ended her riding career and trust in people. I had Todd restart her from the very beginning and now she enjoys her job and does it very well thanks to his training. He truly understands horses and works with them at their speed so they get a solid foundation — the way a horse and future partner should be started. Todd exceeded my training expectations with my mare and I am truly grateful that I chose him for her training.

-Vida P.

About 5 years ago I bought a stunning Lipizzan colt from Lisé Bulik. What I didn't know was that I was getting much more than an amazing horse who is well bred and sound in mind and heart. I also received, through a financial transaction, a surprising and absolutely wonderful relationship with Lise. She's been there every step of the way - with advice when I've asked for it. She's even stepped in to help with different situations - one involving purchasing a horse in California.

I'm so very grateful to have had the experience of purchasing Maestoso Cara Mia II from Lise.

Lucia S. - Portland, OR

Thanks so much for the awesome horse -he’s so perfect for me he’s doing so well and is amazing on trails!!! I just love him to pieces.

Darcie F. - Camino, CA

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